6 Steps to Engage Celebs

  • by Tenaya Wallace
  • April 05, 2023
  • 5 min read


When you approach an actor, athlete or influencer ask them to connect to a CAMPAIGN run by your organization for your cause.

You likely have an existing fundraiser, run/walk, end of year giving or other activation that could be a fit. Or create a campaign that matches the needs and time commitment of celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston participates annually in St. Jude’s end of year fundraiser. We don’t see Jen promoting St. Jude year-round but we have come to expect her during the holiday season.

Jennifer Aniston St. Jude’s

Know WHO are you trying to Engage

In order to engage the right celebrity in your cause, you need to be clear about WHO your campaign is trying to engage and WHAT you want those people to do.

St. Jude wants to reach moms and ask them to make a financial donation, so Jennifer Aniston is a perfect advocate.

To choose the right celebrity for your campaign, be specific about your target audience and how to measure success.

Connect to PURPOSE

A celebrity doesn’t need a PERSONAL connection to be your biggest advocate, but they do need to be connected to PURPOSE.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a child with cancer but she faithfully promotes St. Jude because she feels purposeful raising money to help families who do have children with cancer.

Approach your target advocate by showing they can be a source of contribution to OTHERS by participating in your campaign.

TOUCH the cause

St. Jude is really smart to have Jennifer Aniston “touch the cause” so profoundly.

In her PSA Jen could share statistics about childhood cancer or tour the innovative facilities, but instead she sits right next to the beautiful children St. Jude helps.

Don’t just rely on celebrities with a personal connection to your cause, find ways to profoundly connect advocates with the PEOPLE you help.


Jennifer Aniston loves helping kids, but also participates with St. Jude because they have a multi-million dollar ad buy on national television. If you have a small budget, start with smaller celebrities.

At Starlight Children’s Foundation we engaged teen actors - Disney and YouTube stars - at hospital-based events that bring “play” to children. The hospitalized kids loved meeting their fav stars, Starlight received significant earned media and teen advocates got to “touch the cause.

Connect with local and up and coming actors, athletes and influencers to uplift your campaign.

Find the right CHANNEL

All of this is well and good, but how do you actually get in contact with a celebrity? Here’s what to do:

  • Look for personal contacts. Figure out if anyone knows anyone who knows someone who can deliver your request to a person close to the celeb.
  • Invest in IMDB-Pro. This service provides contact info for an actor’s agent, manager and publicist. Try the publicist first since they often determine if a campaign is a good fit for clients.
  • Find the “show publicist.” Every network and streaming series has a publicist associated with the show. Google to find the Netflix/Disney/CBS publicist and ask them to reach out to the celebrity you are targeting.
  • Use social media to DM and tag celebrities. Seems obvious but most influencers respond to direct messages on social.
  • Think outside the box. To engage young actors, reach out to the moms. Mothers often want their kids to do charity work to keep them grounded.

Crowd Advocacy can help you create a celebrity-driven campaign to promote your organization and find the right advocate for you. Let’s talk!

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