Sustainable Works
City of Santa Monica


City of Santa Monica


CA, United States


Sustainable Works


Establish a program for the City of Santa Monica to reduce business resource use and help meet the city’s sustainability goals.


  • 1.Provided businesses with the knowledge, tools, and resources to green their operations and achieve a green certification
  • 2.Integrated more sustainable solutions into their daily business activities
  • 3.Coordinated with city officials, public works departments and the Chamber of Commerce to successfully expand green businesses in one of the most sustainable cities on earth
  • 4.Partnered with other cities, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions in LA County to help reach sustainability and climate action goals


  • 1.Over 1,000 businesses greened since inception
  • 2.Community reduced water consumption by 20% with help from Sustainable Works businesses
  • 3.Community reduced carbon emissions by 29% while growing the economy by 51%, with help from Sustainable Works businesses
  • 4.Increased number of LEED certified buildings, now over 150

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