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Campaign Development Donate Life Hollywood

Create a national campaign to eliminate Hollywood Myths...

Employee Engagement

Purpose Matters

Crowd Advocacy created “​​Purpose Matters” to provide companies with a turnkey employee engagement workshop that compliments your existing efforts or can help launch a new engagement program.

Mobile Solutions

DLH Activate App

Create a social media portal to harness the organ donation and transplant community in an effort to influence the entertainment industry.

Web Development


One stop shop for the entertainment industry to help them develop authentic storylines about organ donation and transplantation.

Sustainability Programs

City of Santa Monica

Establish a program for the City of Santa Monica to reduce business resource use and help meet the city’s sustainability goals.

Sustainability Programs

Irvine & Hewlett Foundations' Sustainability Project

Unite the Irvine and Hewlett grantees around common messaging to galvanize public policy change at the state level around sustainability.

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