Purpose Matters


CA, United States


Employee Engagement


Crowd Advocacy created “​​Purpose Matters” to provide companies with a turnkey employee engagement workshop that compliments your existing efforts or can help launch a new engagement program. Workshops can be done virtually or in person.


  • 1.Researched the connection between purpose, engagement, productivity & profit
  • 2.Created an interactive workshop for participants to connect to purpose in four steps
  • 3.Booked workshops with for-profits, nonprofits and universities


  • 1.Over 2,000 employees, volunteers and students connected to purpose
  • 2.98% of participants felt more connected to their company/organization purpose after the Purpose Matters workshop
  • 3.“Everyone left feeling inspired and ready to truly make an impact this year. Thank you for reconnecting us to our purpose.” - Ness Okonkwo President, Junior League Los Angeles

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